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You have managed to turn struggle into strive 
Hunger into drive 
You have broken barriers that were impossible to crack 
You have carried brilliance on your back 
You have EARNED the right to be called nothing less than royalty 
So Dear Black Queens
When you speak, you speak with such boldness that makes them tremble 
When you walk, you walk with so much confidence  so much fierceness so much attitude that makes them kneel at the sight of you 
And when you finally decide to sit 
When you finally decide that your mission is complete and your job is done 
they will have no choice but to take those same bricks they have thrown at you those same bricks to break you ... they will take those same bricks and build your thrown

Dear Black Girls, 
Excuse me let me try that again 
Dear beautiful intelligent queens with skin kiss by the rays of the sun 
You have fought and still manage to  stand 
You have mourn losses and still manage to smile 
You have been broken but picked up every single piece 
You have took bricks thrown by your enemies and build a foundation to raise what is black excellence 
You have been tired but manage to find the tiniest strength you had left to assemble greatness